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The cashew nut grows on trees and is protected by a hard shell on the outside of a soft and bittersweet cashew apple.


The nuts are harvested between October and December every year.


We produce the highest quality of natural cashew nuts.


We have strong relationships with our farmers and trace each package of nuts to the responsible grower.


Lets Go

We have set out on a journey to give the Tandahimba cashew nut and the fantasic people growing it in Southern Tanzania the reputation we think they deserve.


Fatuma is one of many women employed at our local factory in Tandahimba. She and her neighbours in Tandahimba are very excited that the nuts they harvest are now processed and exported directly to Europe.


We hope that you enjoy the Tandahimba cashew nuts as much as we do.


The first cashew tree was planted in Tandahimba in 1942. Our nursery ensures that new hybrid plants continuously replace older and dying cashew trees.


Distribution of eco-friendly tree treatments during the flowering season ensures that our nuts are ecologically grown.

The 120 meter deep factory well is Tandahimbas largest source of clean drinking water.



Cashew nuts have a low GI, 0% colesterol and are full of antioxidants and heart-healthy polyunsaturated fats and minerals that help building our bone structure and nervous system.


A handfull of nutritious natural cashews every day keeps the doctor away!

  1. Lowered risk of weight gain.
  2. Heart-protective polyunsaturated fats.
  3. Copper for antioxidant defences, energy production, bones and blood vessels.
  4. Calcium and magnesium for strong and healthy bones and relaxed nerves.