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Our nuts are processed to the highest European food security standards.



Our factory began its operations in March 2014. Its modern operation is a joint effort between Micael and Tina Edler and Petra Larsson.

Petra is our CEO and has devoted her time to African development since 2002.


Our goal is to add value to local food crops and transform Tanzania's agriculture from being a supplier of low value raw matierial to being an export industry of high quality processed products.


The factory is situated in Tandahimba, a small town in Southern Tanzania close to the border of Mozambique.


Being the only industry in the area, the Tandahimba cashew factory is a unique place for the exchange of knowledge, information, support and hope for the future.



The number of contracted farmers delivering nuts to our production is growing exponentially. This shows the success of our efforts and local precense.


In Swahili kesho [kəˈʃu] means tomorrow, for us Cashew [kəˈʃu] means the future…


Together we go nuts!